Intolerance reaching peak: Revanth govt. snooped on social media activist Nalla Balu 

Recent incidents in Telangana indicate that the intolerance of the Revanth Reddy regime has reached its peak. It is alleged that the Congress government is targeting social media activists, BRS supporters, and dissenters with fabricated cases and personal threats.

The despotism has reached such a level that the Congress government is not even leaving satirical accounts on social media platforms alone. Recently, a parody account, which goes by the name Nalla Balu, has been at the receiving end just for posting satire. The ‘X’ account, which is very active on social media, makes sharp political commentary generating engaging satirical content.

A few days ago, the Telangana Police filed a case against the handler of the ‘X’ account for posting a picture of CM Revanth Reddy with satirical text inscribed on it. The case was allegedly booked at the behest of the ruling Congress party, though there was nothing offensive or derogatory in the social media post in question.

The Cyber Crime Police booked a case under sections 352, 353(2), 353(1)(c), 336(4) BNS and filed an FIR. Though these sections are bailable, it is alleged that the police snooped on Nalla Balu’s family and harassed them without following due procedure.

The BRS legal cell moved the High Court, and the court gave the judgment in favor of Nalla Balu. It is reported that the High Court has instructed the police not to arrest Nalla Balu and to act according to the rules.

In the past, too, the Revanth government filed cases against BRS social media convenor Manne Krishank, Telangana Digital Media former director Konatham Dileep, and journalist Revathi on trivial issues. Apparently, all these cases are politically motivated and an attempt to silence questioning voices.

Furthermore, the Congress government is also showing their high-handedness on journalists who are covering public issues. A lady reporter was allegedly manhandled by the police at Balkampet Yellamma temple, and a reporter who came to cover a protest at Osmania University was dragged by the police.

The BRS Party and democratic voices are questioning and condemning these excesses in Telangana, and BRS leaders have warned the Congress government to mend their ways.