Hyderabad, watch out! Traffic policemen will now have wearable cameras, iPads, tablets

By: Sakshi Khanna

If you are one of those who refrains from paying challans or tries to bribe a traffic policeman, then watch out. As part of new-age policing in Hyderabad, traffic police will be geared up with special body wearable cameras.

These cameras record the conversation and visuals between a traffic policeman and general public and will work as crucial evidence. The high resolution audio-visual can also be seen live from the police control room.

“People just argue and do not pay fine. Everything will now get recorded,” said Ravi Kumar,a traffic inspector.Sakshi Khanna,

Not just body wearable cameras, but in a first of its kind plan in India, traffic policemen in Hyderabad will soon be given iPads and tablets with a special application installed. The application aims to create a data bank to catch hold of repeated offenders.

“This app saves all details in one server, one can immediately see how many times the same crime is committed,” said traffic inspector Narsing Rao.

The police even plans to connect this project to the anti-drunk driving campaign. This means a repeated offender’s driving licence can be cancelled. The police believe that the use of technology will bring in transparency and accountability in policing.

The traffic police is also working towards non-contact enforcement by increasing the number of surveillance cameras. Many a times people complain that police are not doing their duty and take bribe. On the other hand policemen also blame people for throwing their weight around and not obeying rules. Certainly, technology will help in bring transparency, reduce corruption and will ensure everyone follows the rules.

Source: IBN Live

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