Hyderabad is collapsing due to Congress ruling: KTR

Bharat Rashtra Samithi Working President KTR participated in the roadshow held in Serilingampally, Rajendra Nagar, and Maheshwaram assembly constituencies under the Chevella Parliamentary segment. KTR criticized the Congress party for failing to fulfill promises made during assembly elections. Warning voters to hold Congress accountable, he stated. 

“Revanth Reddy, who is cheating people with lies, will come to his senses if Congress loses Lok Sabha seats in this elections,” said KTR. He added that they had attracted hundreds of IT companies to Hyderabad, but within four months of Congress rule, companies are leaving Telangana due to bad governance. This exodus threatens the real estate sector collapse, potentially leading to mass unemployment.

KTR emphasized, “People in Greater Hyderabad wanted KCR to be the CM. That’s why not even one seat was given to Congress in Greater Hyderabad.” He urged those who believe governance would have been better under KCR to vote for the car symbol on the 13th May election day. Handing over 10-12 seats would enable KCR to lead state politics within six months.

KTR also criticized PM Narendra Modi for failing to deliver on promises made during previous general elections, such as 15 lakhs per person and doubling farmer income. He asserted that “Namo” means not Narendra Modi, but rather synonymous with deceiving people. KTR accused BJP of abolishing ITIR and neglecting Hyderabad during floods.

Accusing BJP of stoking tensions between religious groups, KTR emphasized the BRS government’s inclusive approach over the past decade. He stated that only regional parties like BRS can stop BJP, as Congress lacks the courage to confront them.

KTR ridiculed Rahul Gandhi’s claim that BRS would ally with BJP while the Telangana Chief Minister is from RSS, running the state on behalf of Congress. Warning against inadvertently benefiting BJP by voting for Congress, KTR highlighted the risk of Revanth Reddy defecting to BJP post-elections.

KTR urged the people of Chevella constituency to vote for Kasani Gyaneshwar, emphasizing his dedication to backward classes. He criticized both Congress and BJP candidates for political opportunism, asserting that voters will teach them a lesson in the present elections.