Hope kindles for aquatic life in Hussain Sagar

By: Rahul Devulapalli

There is a renewed hope for introduction of aquatic life in the 450 year old Hussain Sagar lake. Recent analysis of the lake after the inflows of four storm water drains (nalas), Kukatpally, Murki, Balkapur and Picket were diverted showed that the quality of the water improved significantly in the last few months.

According to Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority officials, the average monthly parameters recorded later this year were closer to the desired mark when compared to the recordings in the last two decades. The decreasing BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and increasing DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels, a positive sign for the survival of the aquatic life, has the officials exploring the ways and means to restore its lost glory.

From 0 in 2005, the DO parameter improved to 1.2 mg/l in January 2014. In September this year, the water sample collected near Budhha Statue showed that the average reading was 4.8 mg/l. Samples collected near NTR Park, Sanjeevaiah park and Lepakshi showed that the reading went above 6 mg/l in the same month. The OD levels should be above 4 mg/l to be conducive for the survival of the life. The BOD levels recorded last month at a water sample taken near Budhha statue was 22 mg/l which was lower when compared to the previous years recordings. At Necklace Road the BOD was as low as 14 mg/l in September.

According to HMDA officials, the quality of the lake water had improved much earlier than anticipated.

BLN Reddy, Executive Engineer, HMDA said that continuous clean up works including dredging, shoreline improvement and usage of modern machines has got brought good results. He said that many species of birds are flocking to the banks of the lake due to better quality of water and in the absence of stench. He said that aquatic species will be introduced at a suitable time after further examination of the water. Farida Tampal, WWF State Director said that there were 18 species of fish in the 1970’s in the Hussain Sagar lake which came down to just one variety, catfish. She said that the water quality had to be thoroughly examined before aquatic species can be introduced as the toxic silt and polluted inflows still poses a threat.

Source: The Hindu

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