Heights of discrimination. Permission for Anti-Telangana meeting

CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has committed the ultimate sin. He has given permission to the Anti-Telangana meeting planned by APNGOs on 7th September at LB Stadium. At the same time, permission was denied to the Peace Rally planned by Telangana JAC.

This blatant and biased decision has yet again proved how the Anti-Telangana movement is literally being run by the Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government.

While the state police department says it has given a conditional permission to the meeting, it is clear that none of the conditions would be adhered to by the APNGOs.

For example, DCP Kamalasan Reddy has said that only government employees with identity cards would be allowed for the meeting. Where as the APNGO representatives have openly issued statements that 2 persons should come from each Seemandhra family. The APNGO members also stated that doctors, lawyers and people from other occupations would follow.

This is a direct violation of the very first ‘condition’ that is supposed to have been imposed by the state police.

Telangana people are fuming at this blatantly partisan decision. Telangana JAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram has said that denial of permission to TJAC’s Peace Rally proves yet again that Telangana people are discriminated and treated as second-class citizens in the state. He said that Telangana people would go ahead with the Peace Rally irrespective of the police permission.

Telangana Student JAC and OUJAC representatives have also warned of dire consequences if APNGOs go ahead with their anti-Telangana meeting.

MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga also warned that they would not let the APNGOs conduct the meeting on Telangana soil.

Meanwhile a group of intellectuals from Seemandhra and Telangana met Governor Narasimhan and requested him to immediately sack Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, as he is vitiating the atmosphere in the state.


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