Hari’s resignation accepted, family differences out in the open

The acceptance of Rajya Sabha MP Nandamuri Harikrishna’s resignation gave a rude shock to TDP leaders. The party, which is already under severe stress due to its confusing stand on Telangana statehood, is suspecting deep conspiracy behind Harikrishna’s resignation.

Harikrishna’s resignation has rattled both the “Samaikyandhra” camp and also TDP equally. Some MPs and MLAs from Seemandhra, who have tendered “namesake” resignations for “Samaikyandhra”, now fear that even their resignations would be accepted.

Many media analysts believe Harikrishna has some hidden agenda behind his resignation. Harikrishna has always had a blow hot and blow cold type of relationship with TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu. Media reports say that Hari is peeved at the way Chadra Babu and Balakrishna are treating his son Junior NTR.

The wedding of Balakrishna’s younger daughter has once again exposed the bitter divide in NTR’s family. Both Harikrishna and Jr. NTR did not attend the wedding of Balakrishna’s younger daughter held at HiTex Convention hall yesterday. While Harikrishna was invited for the wedding, Jr. NTR was not even invited.

By taking a U-Turn on the Telangana issue and joining the “Samaikyandhra” protests, Harikrishna has embarrassed the TDP leadership. He has also given enough hints that he is planning a rebellion within TDP very soon.

TDP leadership is suspecting that someone from YSRCP or Congress party is cleverly using Harikrishna against Chandra Babu Naidu.

It is ironic that both Lakshmi Parvathy and Harikrishna were giving elaborate lectures about “Samaikyata” (unity) on television, on a day when both of them had to skip a family wedding due to personal differences.

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