Govt to hold all-party meeting before notifying new districts

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao has asked the district collectors to discuss their proposals for formation of new districts with ministers, MLAs and MLCs in their respective districts.

With serious objections and demands for new districts coming from opposition parties, the state government has also decided to conduct an all-party meeting to elicit the opinions of the opposition parties before issuing a draft notification of new districts in August.

Of the 14 districts proposed, the government has a rough idea on 13 and is weighing the pros and cons of forming Sircilla district.

On the second day of the workshop on reorganisation of new districts at MCRHRD Institute here on Wednesday, the chief minister asked the collectors to come to an idea on boundaries of new districts only after discussing their proposals with MLAs, MLCs and ministers. The government would issue a draft notification seeking the opinions and objections of people later, he said.

“There is no hard and fast rule on formation of new districts. Be liberal. The government’s aim is that the new districts should be convenient to the people and be growth centres of the state.”

Rao asked the collectors not to take into consideration the existing Assembly constituencies while proposing the boundaries of new districts. However, he suggested that they elicit public opinion while merging or de-merging villages in nearby mandals. “The formation of new districts or mandals should be done in a scientific manner,” he said.

He cautioned the officials against giving importance to the opinions of individuals or political views on new districts. “Welfare of and convenience to the public should be the motto,” he said.

At the beginning of the meeting, chief commissioner of land administration J Raymond Peter informed Rao about the proposals for new districts submitted by the collectors on Tuesday.

Road map

By June 20: District collectors to send their proposals to CCLA.

By June 30: Collectors to elicit the opinions of MLAs, MLCs & other public representatives.

July 5: Another round of meeting with collectors to be held.

July 10 or 11: All-party meeting to be held by the government.

August 4 to 10: Draft notification to be prepared and issued.

One month’s time will be given to the public to submit suggestions or objections.

October 11: On Dasara the administration will start functioning from new districts.


14 new districts will be formed.

80 new mandals will be created.

Each mandal will have 40,000 to 50,000 population.

Each urban mandal will have 1.50 lakh population.

Each revenue division will have 10 to 12 mandals, two Assembly constituencies.

Each Assembly constituency will have five or six mandals.

17 lakh is the average population of each district

CM’s suggestions

Preparation of details of employees in each district. Seniors should be allocated to new districts.

Revenue, police and other depts should prepare action plan by June 20 for functioning from new dists. Buildings and furniture should be identified.

Source: The New Indian Express

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