Government Announces Total Subsidy for 2BHK Houses

The state government, while sanctioning two lakh houses for rural, urban and GHMC areas in the state under 2BHK Housing Programme, also announced the unit cost and issued orders to this effect on Wednesday.

All the houses will be constructed with total subsidy from the state government without any contribution from the beneficiary.

The infrastructure cost per house is `1.25 lakh in rural areas and `0.75 lakh in urban areas of nine districts and GHMC. The entire programme in rural and urban areas will be implemented in all the districts by the district collectors and in Greater Hyderabad by the commissioner of GHMC.

The allocations and channelisation of funds will be made by the housing department through the project monitoring unit constituted by the housing department for the purpose.

All the district collectors/executive directors and the GHMC commissioner shall take necessary further action accordingly, the orders said.

The managing director of Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited shall take necessary action from sanctioning process to accessing the funds from the funding agencies concerned for completion of the 2BHK project in coordination with the district collectors/executive directors and GHMC commissioner.

Source: The New Indian express

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