Governance in shambles; KTR reacts on Nandikonda contaminated water issue

BRS working president KTR responded to the contaminated water issue in Hill Colony of Nandikonda municipality in Nalgonda district. It is reported that around 30 to 40 monkeys were found dead in an open water tank.

The incident, which came to light today, has shocked the state. Authorities have cleared the carcasses from the tank and dumped them into a municipality auto. It is supposed that the monkeys were trapped and choked to death inside the water tank as the covering was left open.

Reacting to the issue, former MA&UD minister KTR said, “What a shameful state of affairs in the Telangana Municipal department. Periodical cleaning and routine maintenance, which are standard protocols to be followed, are being neglected.” He added that governance has been in shambles because the Congress government prioritized politics over public health.

However, the Nalgonda district collector clarified that the tank in question supplies water to only 50 houses, and the contaminated water was not supplied to any of the houses in the last three days.