Are you eligible to avail gas cylinder at Rs. 500? Check the criteria

The Telangana government has announced the implementation of the Mahalaxmi Scheme, offering LPG Domestic Cylinders at a subsidized rate of Rs. 500 per refill to white ration card holders within the state. The government has issued an order with guidelines to this effect.

To avail this benefit, the beneficiaries must fulfill three criteria:

1. The beneficiaries must have applied for the scheme through the Praja Palana Application.

2. They should possess a valid white ration card.

3. Additionally, they must have an active domestic LPG connection registered under their name.

The quantity of subsidized LPG cylinders available to consumers will be restricted to the average consumption in the last three years per household, as outlined in the government’s directive.

At present, the beneficiary has to pay the total amount of the gas cylinder to the Oil Marketing Company upfront. Later, the subsidy amount will be deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account.