Fearing Telangana, TDP cancels Mahanadu

The pathetic situation that TDP has landed itself in was evident from the cancellation of Mahanadu – its annual party meet, this year. Never before was Mahanadu cancelled by the TDP.

Party sources indicate that Mahanadu was cancelled because of his fear that the Telangana delegates would press for a resolution supporting statehood. Apparently, Chandra Babu Naidu is still not in favor of supporting Telangana. His two-eyed policy has already costed the party dearly. The party has lost 7 MLAs in Telangana region in last two years. Sadly, his pro-United AP leaning has not yielded any results even in the Seemandhra region.

TDP seems to be facing its biggest crisis after its inception about 3 decades back. The irony is that this crisis is created by two opposing forces – Telangana and Jagan. With news about more MLAs deserting the party, it looks like the days of TDP are numbered in this state.

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