Farmers erupt in joy thanking CM KCR for crop loan waiver

The farmers across the state burst into joy in every village. They thanked CM KCR for announcing a farm loan waiver which relieved them from the piling up bank debt. For the farmers, it is another festival occasion. Many elderly farmers danced in gay abandon wearing broad smiles in their agricultural fields. They took out rallies and distributed sweets celebrating the occasion.

The ruling BRS party MLAs, Ministers and important functionaries joined them waving huge pink flags hailing CM KCR as a friend of farmers. The farmers tied big pink flags featuring portraits of CM KCR to their tractors as they ploughed their land. Some offered milk to the portraits of CM KCR. It may be surprising but even in Nayagaon constituency in the Nanded district of Maharashtra too the farmers celebrated the loan waiver decision. They burst crackers and raised the slogan ‘Abki bar Kisan sarkar’ the slogan that CM KCR gave.

The farmers in Nizamabad said they are indebted to CM KCR for his kindness. “KCR is with us at every turn of events. He is farmer friendly. There may be a delay but he never goes back on his promise,” they said in unison. MLAs and Ministers met CM KCR at the Assembly and thanked him for the much-awaited loan waiver.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao