Exhibition of Gongadi wool craft

Anthra – a Hyderabad based NGO is holding the first ever exhibition of the Gongadi- the ancient wool-craft of Telangana.

The communities involved in the making of the gongadi, will be present at the exhibition to celebrate their art through stories and dance which speak about their struggle to continue to sustain the Gongadi

The exhibition is being inaugurated at 11 am on the 13th of October and concludes on 15th October at 7 pm.

Venue of this exhibition is the Malkha Shop, Basement of Khadi Village Industries Board, Opp NMDC (near Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital) in Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad.

This collection has been brought together through the combined efforts of Elana Dickson, an internationally known textile designer , the Anthra team and the shepherds of Medak district.

A gongadi loom will be featured, and the makers of these Gongadi’s will also be there to tell their stories and sing their songs.

Download the brochure of the exhibition here:

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