Even Joseph Goebbels would be ashamed of Revanth’s lies: KTR

BRS Party Working President KTR has strongly criticized Revanth Reddy and his lies. KTR mocked that Joseph Goebbels, the infamous propagandist, would be squirming of the blatant falsehoods spread by Revanth and his government. KTR emphasized that it was BRS that understood and fought for the aspirations of Telangana people for 60 years, while Congress, on the other hand, ignored these aspirations and cruelly suppressed and killed thousands of youngsters.

KTR pointed out that since Revanth assumed the post of CM, every citizen of Telangana has been observing how Congress and BJP are colluding to mortgage the state’s interests. KTR reiterated that BRS, under the leadership of KCR, has always opposed the sale of coal blocks in Telangana and has never participated in any auctions. However, today, the Congress shamelessly participates in auctions, betraying Telangana’s interests.

KTR noted that although the BJP government at the center unilaterally auctioned Telangana’s coal blocks, no mining has commenced due to BRS’s strong opposition. The companies allocated these blocks have not been able to move an inch, thanks to BRS’s steadfast stance.

Furthermore, KTR pointed out that the two companies Revanth mentioned also secured mines in Takli, Jena, and Bellora in Maharashtra when the Congress-Shiv Sena government was in power. He reminded Revanth not to overlook this fact.

KTR accused the Congress and BJP governments of acting as partners in crime when it comes to mortgaging Telangana’s rights, properties, and resources. He stated that the people of Telangana are aware of how Congress failed to protect the state’s riparian rights and now, with Revanth’s cooperation with BJP, the plan to privatize Singareni is exposed.

KTR emphasized that Telangana’s history will not forgive Revanth, his deputy Bhatti Vikramarka, and central minister Kishan Reddy for participating in auctioning the state’s coal mines. The people of Telangana will teach a strong lesson to these national parties for their betrayal at the right time.