Employee JAC Calls for “Chalo Hyderabad” on Mar 20th

The Telangana heat is turning on again. Telangana Employees JAC – an umbrella organization of over 200 Telangana employee unions, announced the next phase of their agitation. About 250 representatives of JAC met in Hyderabad yesterday and chalked out their agitation schedule.

The employee unions were livid over the Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government for failing to implement the assurances made to them during the Telangana Non-Cooperation and General Strike of 2011.

Speaking to the media, Telangana NGOs leader Swami Goud castigated the state government’s irresponsible behavior. He said that the Seemandhra government has made it a habit of breaking all agreements starting from Gentleman’s agreement of 1956 to the agreement with JAC in October 2011.

The JAC is planning to give a notice of their agitation to the state government chief secretary Pankaj Dwivedi tomorrow.

In the initial phase, the employee leaders will meet all Telangana people’s representatives and urge them to take up their issue with the state government. On 21st Feb, the govt employees will hold gate meetings. On March 3rd, protest dharnas would be held in front of all district collectorates. From March 5th to March 20th, the employees would observe Work-To-Rule.

If the government does not honor the agreement by then, the employees would lay siege on Hyderabad on March 20th.

Employees JAC leaders Deviprasad, Srinivas Goud, Vittal were also present at the meeting.

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