Drinking Water to Every Home in 3 Years: CM

The Telangana government is aiming to provide drinking water to every household in the state in the next three years. Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday said that the Rs 25,000 crore new project Telangana State Water Grid (TSDWG), under which, the water from Krishna and Godavari rivers would be supplied to the villages through specially built pipelines.

The state government would allocate the funds in the upcoming budget session. The initial estimated amount would be between Rs 20,000- 25,000 crore. Ranging from survey to maintenance, the entire work will done under the supervision of Rural Water Supply Department (RWSD). Soon a survey will be conducted by the engineers of the RWSD to identify suitable places to lay pipelines in the state.

The chief minister held a review meeting with top officials of the government and engineers of RWSD at Prof. Jayashankar State Agriculture University here on Wednesday to discuss the project. He directed the officials to store 20 percent of water from every reservoir in the state out of which 10 percent will be purified and used as potable water and the rest will be given to the industries. As the chief minister wants the project to be cost-effective, the officials were planning to generate money from industrial water supply. The money will be used for the maintenance of project. Though many private companies came forward to take up the project, KCR wants it to be done only by the government engineers. ‘’I believe that they are capable enough to successfully finish this project. I hope they will live up to my expectations,’’ he said.

The officials were told not to disturb the existing water supply system during the construction works. They were asked to build additional drinking water dams if needed. The RWSD officials will soon submit a detailed report to the chief minister with the details of the existing water resources, pipelines and the requirements of the state.

Source: The New Indian Express

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