Do we need Andhra parties in Telangana? KCR

“No one can stop formation of Telangana. Our people will not accept Andhra parties in the new state,” thundered TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao.

He was addressing a meeting after inducting TDP MLA Hanumanth Shinde at Telangana Bhavan yesterday. KCR opined that Seemandhra parties like Telugu Desam would be wiped out from Telangana once the state is created.

KCR promised that he would ensure that irrigation projects such as Lendi in Nizamabad district would be completed in the new state.

Rao advised the MLAs and leaders in parties like TDP to jump the sinking ship and take up the Telangana flag.

Speaking at the meeting, Ex TDP MLA Hanumathu Shinde said that he waited long enough to see if Chandra Babu Naidu would support Telangana. Shinde said that Chandra Babu is only concerned about his party fortunes in Seemandhra region.

Media circles are abuzz with news that several Telugu Desam MLAs have already decided to abandon the party and join either TRS or Congress

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