DK Aruna gets T-News blocked in Gadwal

State minister DK Aruna seems to be acting like a mini dictator in Mahabubnagar district. She has ensured that T-News channel, the voice of Telangana, is not available in many parts of Mahabubnagar district.

DK Aruna is able to do this with the help of two cable operators – one her husband Bharatasimha Reddy and the other, her son-in-law Krishna Mohan Reddy.

People of Gadwal have been requesting the T-News management and Namasthe Telangana management to ensure that they are provided access to T-News.

With such strong arm techniques, DK Aruna is turning Mahabubnagar into her fiefdom. She and her party will definitely be taught a fitting lesson in the upcoming by-elections.

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