Dharani is a foolproof facility for farmers: CM KCR

If the Dharani portal is scrapped, again the middlemen will enter the scene and corrupt revenue officials will have a sway over the land records. Again the poor and innocent farmers will be harassed. “Choose if you want those claim to scrap the Dharani,” Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao told the crowds that attended the public meeting at Nirmal on Sunday.

Mr KCR was addressing the massively attended public meeting after inaugurating the collector office complex at Nirmal district. He said Dharani was introduced to safeguard the interests of farmers and those holding little pieces of land. It was a transparent and foolproof method to protect land rights. The Congress leaders say they will scrap the facility if they come to power. Such a move will only be against the interests of farmers. In the absence of Dharani, the land records can be tampered with and manipulated manually putting the people in hardship.

The chief minister said, similarly, if any other party comes to power, there will be no Rythu Bandhu or Dalit Bandhu. They are aimed at the welfare of the poor. Be wise and choose properly. If Congress or others are voted to power, they will scrap the Rythu Bandhu and Dalit Bandhu and all other schemes. “If you want them to be continued, travel along with the BRS,” he said.

CM KCR has announced sops to the Nirmal district on the occasion. He said each of the 396 Gram Panchayats will be given Rs. 10 lakh and each of the 19 mandals will be sanctioned Rs. 20 lakh and three municipalities will get Rs. 25 crore for infrastructure development. He promised that more food processing units would be set up to provide employment to the locals all over the state. The next focus will be on the food processing units. He further said BRS is being patronised all over the country and people in Maharashtra recently accorded a warm welcome to him. The people in other states also want the Telangana model to be implemented in their respective states.