Dear Outlook: Stop Messing With Telangana

The latest edition of Outlook Magazine contains an illustration about re-organization of states. While the idea of creating new states is welcome, we denounce the deliberate mischief played by Outlook by suggesting that Hyderabad be made a Union Territory.

What shocks us is that Outlook has not applied the same rule to any other Indian city.

Hyderabad has an umbilical relationship with the region. Hyderabad is the heart of Telangana and it will remain an integral part of Telangana state. Any attempt to separate Hyderabad from Telangana will be met with the most serious resistance.

In fact, as we write this article, a committed Telangana activist named Venepalli Panduranga Rao is sitting on a deeksha at Kodandapur village in Nalgonda district, where the water treatment plant of Hyderabad is located. The city depends on Telangana for all its basic needs including drinking water. The message of Panduranga Rao’s deeksha is to remind that Hyderabad is an inseparable part of Telangana and how dependent it is on the region surrounding it.

We at Mission Telangana condemn this mischievous portrayal and demand that Outlook magazine to immediately retract this map.

We request Telanganites to protest against Outlook magazine and also convey their feelings to the Outlook editor. (Email:


*Minor modifications have been made to the original article

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