Pink Wave Sweeps Telangana

Telangana Rashtra Samithi is all set to form the first government in Telangana with a clear majority. The party has bagged 63 MLA and 11 MP seats. Proving analysts wrong, TRS has showed strong performance in districts such as Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy and has opened its account in Khammam too.

Several Telangana Congress stalwarts suffered humiliating defeats in the hands of TRS candidates.

T-Cong chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah lost to TRS candidate M Yadagiri Reddy in Janagaon constituency.

Here are some updates from the election results:

9:09 PM – TRS MP candidate Konda Vishweshwar Reddy won from Chevella

7:50 PM – TRS candidate Malipeddi Sudheer Reddy won from Medchal assembly segment

7:13 PM – TRS MP candidate Jithender Reddy won from Mahabunagar against Jaipal Reddy

6:48 PM – TRS candidate Kanaka Reddy won from Malkajgiri assembly segment

6:14 PM – TRS candidate Srinivas goud won from Mahabubnagar assembly segment

5:41 PM  – TRS MP candidate Prof. Sitharam Naik won from Mahabubabad

5:02 PM  – TRS Candidate Gadari Kishore won from Thungathurthy assembly segment

4:58 PM – TRS Medchal candidate Malipeddi Sudheer Reddy Leads with 22226 votes

4:37 PM – TRS Candidate Mahender Reddy won from Tandur assembly segment

4:33 PM – TRS Nizamabad MP Candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha won with 1,80,000 Majority

4:29 PM – TRS Candidate Laxma Reddy won from Jadcherla assembly segment

4:24 PM – TRS MP Candidate Balka Suman won from Peddapally Parliament segment

4:15 PM – TRS Zaheerabad MP Candidate BB Patil won with 1,37,000 Majority

4:15 PM – TRS Candidate Jupalli Krishna Rao won from Kollapur assembly segment

3:48 PM – TRS Candidate Sanjeev Rao Won from Vikarabad assembly seat

3:32 PM – TRS Candidate Anjaiah Yadav Won from Shadnagar assembly seat

3:19 PM – TRS Candidate Gangula Kamalakar Won from Karimnagar assembly seat

3:08 PM – TRS Candidate Bodige Sobha Won from Choppadhandi assembly seat

2:47 PM – TRS Candidate Vemula Prashanth Reddy Won from Balkonda assembly seat

2:45 -TRS Candidate T.Padma Rao won from Secunderabad Assembly seat

2:43 – TRS Nizambad MP Candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha Leads with 1,21,000 votes

Photo: Kalvakuntla Kavitha celebrating with her followers at Nizamabad

2:41 PM  – TRS Candidate Dasari Manohar Reddy won with 63,390 votes from Peddapally assembly seat

12:34 PM – TRS Candidate Chennamaneni Ramesh Wins from Vemulawada Assembly seat

12:33 PM – TRS Candidate Aruri Ramesh Wins from Wardhannapet Assembly seat

12:31PM -TRS Candidate Madhan Reddy Wins from Narsapur Assembly seat

12:31 PM – TRS Candidate Bajireddy Govardhan Wins from Nizamabad Rural Assembly seat With 20000 Majority votes

12:30 PM  TRS Candidate Chandulal Wins from Mulugu Assembly seat

12:27 PM   TRS Candidate Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao Wins with 39000 majortiy votes from Siricilla Assembly seat

11:29 – TRS Candidate Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao leads by over 39000 in Siricilla Assembly seat

11:00 – T-Cong chief Ponnala Laxmaiah trailing by over 20000 votes with TRS Candidate Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy.

10:48 – Boinapally Vinod Kumar (TRS) leads by over 40000 votes in Karimnagar MP

10:47 – Rasami Balakishan(TRS) Leads by 6000 Votes in Manakondur Assembly seat

10: 46 – BB Patil (TRS) leads by 20000 votes in Zaheerabad MP seat

10:45 – Student leader Balka Suman (TRS) leads by 8000 votes in Peddapalli MP seat against sitting MP G Vivek of Congress.

10:33 – Konda Vishweshwar Reddy (TRS) leads by over 7000 votes in Chevella MP seat.

10:32 – Bura Narsaih Goud (TRS) leads over Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy in Bhuvanagiri MP seat. This is a great result.

10:26 – Kalvakunta Kavitha leads by 13000 votes in Nizamabad MP seat.

10:08 – Warangal TRS Parliament Candidate Kadiam Srihari Leads with 50,000 Votes

9:40 – KCR Leads in Gajwel(Assembly) and Medak(parliament)

9:37 – TRS Leads in Dubbaka Assembly Constituency

9:34 – TRS Leads in Siricilla Assembly Segment

9:31 – TRS Leads in Peddapalli Parliament Segment

9:21 – TRS Nizamabad MP Candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha Leads 6000 Votes

9:08 – Warangal East TRS Candidate Konda Sureka Leads

9:07 – TRS Leads in Andole Assembly Segment

9:05 – TRS Leads in Narsapur Assembly Segment

9:03 – TRS Nizamabad MP Candidate Kalvakuntla Kavitha Leads 5000 Votes

9:00 – TRS Leads in 33 Assembly Constituencies

8:58 – TRS Leads 1500 Votes in Jangaon Assembly Segment

8:55 – KCR Leads in Medak Parliament Constituency

8:50 – TRS Candidate Gadari Kishore Leads in Tungathurthi Aseembly Segment

8:44 – TRS Leads in Wardhannapet Assembly Segment

8:41 – TRS Leads in 10 Assembly Constituencies

8:39 – Warangal Loksabha TRS Candidate Kadiam Srihari Leads in 10,000 votes

8:36 – TRS Leads in Aler Assembly Constituency

8:20 – TRS Leads in Warangal Loksabha Constituency

8:01 AM – Initially the postal ballots are being counted

8:00 AM – Counting begins for 17 MP seats and 119 MLA seats in Telangana.


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