Congress’s Handiwork Behind Sangareddy Riots

The sudden breakout of communal riots in Sangareddy town last week is throwing up shocking plots behind it. Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, accused the factional feud in Congress party and MLA Jagga Reddy of conspiring the riots.

Telangana activists also suspect that anti-Telangana forces are using leaders like Jagga Reddy to foment communal riots at this crucial juncture.

Going by Asaduddin’s words, it is believed that the Congress party in an attempt to divert public attention from the recent bye-election debacle in Telangana, chose to rake up communal tensions. It deployed the local MLA Jagga Reddy who was a former BJP leader to instigate the riots just two days before Sriramanavami. At the party’s behest scores of flexi-banners sprung all over the 4 kilometer national highway running through the town with explicit pictures of the MLA urging his supporters to take part in the shobha yatra. Apparently, this is the first time ever that a shobha yatra is being held in Sangareddy.

Mr.Owaisi minced no words in claiming that the Congress party’s plot was executed by Jagga Reddy in the hitherto peaceful town, which never witnessed any communal tensions earlier. He said that he had prima facie evidence over the involvement of Congress and its MLA and found that the Government machinery was also apathetic to entire incident.

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