Congress party is dangerous and beware of it: CM KCR tells people

Urging people to be cautious against the leaders and parties approaching them in the wake of elections, Chief Minister Mr KCR has warned them not to get carried away. Addressing a series of public meetings across the state, he said it was the Congress party that merged Telangana into Andhra Pradesh much against the wishes of the people.

It took 58 years to get out of the problem. The merger resulted in denial and deprivation to the people of Telangana. After 14 years of hard struggle, people could secure a separate Telangana. During those days, people were denied basic needs like water and electricity. This region was completely and deliberately neglected by successive rulers.

Mr KCR said it was only after BRS came to power in separate Telangana in 2014, that the government focussed on problems facing people. Beginning with Mission Kakatiya reviving the defunct tanks and Mission Bhagiratha ensuring safe protected water, the travel began. Slowly, the government focused on strengthening agriculture and arming the farmers with a slew of welfare measures such as free water, power and input assistance in the form of Rythu Bandhu and confidence-building measures like Rythu Bheema, several steps were taken.

“During the Congress regime, the old age pension was just Rs. 200. It is aimed at helping the destitute. The BRS increased it to Rs 2,000 per month and plans to make it Rs. 5,000 in the days to come. Mr KCR pointed out that though rivers Krishna and Godavari pass through the state, it never occurred to the Congress rulers to give water to the people. They never cared for the people but for their votes..

Now, Congress leader Uttam Kumar Reddy says Rythu Bandhu is a waste, Revanth Reddy says 24-hour free power is a waste and just three hours of power is enough. The Dharani services were launched with the noble aim of protecting the rights of genuine farmers over their land. “It is a such foolproof system that not even the chief minister can alter your right over your land,” he explained. It is none other than Mr Rahul Gandhi who says they would scrap Dharani system. “It is for you people to choose between Congress and BRS now,” Mr KCR said.

Mr KCR addressed four public meetings at – Adilabad (candidate Jogu Ramanna), Boath (Anil Jadav), Nizamabad rural (Bajireddy Govardhan) and Narasapur (Sunitha Laxma Reddy) seeking the blessings of the people for one more term. He wanted people to debate and compare between the Congress regime and BRS regime. “Discuss which party did good to you. By mistake if you vote for Congress, all these free current and Rythu Bandhu will go away,” he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao