Congress killed youth and harassed farmers: KTR in Vemulawada

BRS party working president, Minister KTR asserted that the BRS Party’s fight is against the Congress party which killed Telangana youths and harassed the farmers by not giving them drinking water, irrigation and electricity. Addressing a meeting at Vemulawada on Monday he told the youth that the elections will change their fate and hence they should think and vote. Congress has taken hundreds of lives in six decades, he said.

KTR stated that the fight is always between two systems of thought, ideologies and institutions. He reminded that during the Telangana movement Vemulawada, Sircilla, every village along the river Manair took part in the movement. All youths took Telangana movement forward under the leadership of KCR, who worked hard for Telangana.

KTR said that this is an election between the elites of Delhi and the four crore people of Telangana. Telangana society taught a lesson to Delhi elites during the statehood movement and now will definitely teach a lesson to BJP and Congress. There has been a disagreement between Delhi and Telangana from the beginning. Telangana got independence on September 17, 1948. Telangana was a separate state in the name of Hyderabad State. Congress leaders were convinced by AP leaders, who also convinced Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather Nehru and conspired to merge Telangana with Andhra. But students and youth revolted against the merger but Delhi rulers killed youths who took part in that movement, he said recalling the history.

After that, in 2001, the pink flag flew under the leadership of KCR. For 14 years, KCR, students and youth moved the entire state as one and won in Zilla Parishad elections. Congress had no choice assured to give Telangana and made an alliance with TRS. TRS trusted in Congress while making an alliance. But Sonia Gandhi took the lives of hundreds of people. Telangana was achieved with sacrifices of youths and with KCR’s hunger strike, KTR explained.