Congress high command shocks turncoats: No cabinet berth for BRS defectors

It appears that the Congress high command has ordered CM Revanth Reddy to sideline defectors in cabinet expansion. Resultantly, Revanth Reddy has announced that leaders defecting to the Congress party will not be given ministerial posts. He clarified that only candidates who won on the Congress B form will be included in the cabinet expansion.

In a conversation with media representatives in Delhi on Friday, he stated that those who lost the elections will not receive nominated positions. Instead, preference will be given to leaders from Congress-affiliated organizations for these roles.

Discussions are ongoing about the cabinet expansion and the selection of the PCC president, with final decisions on both to be made simultaneously. Revanth Reddy mentioned that from a social perspective, having a woman as the PCC president would be beneficial. He also added that IAS and IPS postings are being conducted according to regulations.