Congress government’s lack of foresight troubles govt. school students

The Congress government’s lack of foresight in Telangana has caused unwanted trouble for government school students. Missteps in distributing school textbooks has led to confusion among students.

Schools across the state reopened on Wednesday, with officials, public representatives, and teachers distributing textbooks and workbooks to students in government schools. However, the government quickly issued orders to withdraw these materials. The education department had printed the textbooks without updating the foreword, leading to controversy. As a result, textbooks for grades one through ten were ordered to be recalled. It remains unclear when they will be redistributed.

It is also alleged that the Revanth Reddy government recalled these books because some old books still have former CM KCR and former Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy’s photos imprinted on them. Also, the foreword contains KCR’s name. It is reported that officials have ordered these pages to be torn out before distribution.

This incident has drawn criticism, especially since the government had already reduced the number of school uniform pairs to just one. The recent recall of textbooks has further fueled frustration among students and the public.