Concerns mount over Congress govt’s delayed action on Medigadda Barrage repair

Four months have passed since the sinking of the 20th pillar in the seventh block of the Medigadda Barrage, yet there has been no concrete action from the Congress government. Critics argue that prolonged hearings, meetings, and PowerPoint presentations are wasting precious time, exacerbating water problems in Telangana. With drinking and irrigation water shortages emerging, analysts warn of potential future crises if the necessary projects are neglected.

The government’s announcement of a study committee on the Medigadda pillar sinking is yet to materialize, leaving uncertainty about the future course of action. The construction company has enlisted Dinosaur and Parson to investigate defects in Medigadda and Annaram Barrage. While Dinosaur has been conducting investigations for two months, their findings remain undisclosed. Allegations of authorities neglecting water diversion at the seventh block have further complicated the situation. 

Vigilance inquiries, led by DG Vigilance Rajivthran, have conducted core drilling tests on Medigadda Barrage pillars, revealing that they are of good quality. However, this information is being kept confidential, raising questions about transparency in the investigation process.

Despite a vigilance inquiry, a group of ministers and MLAs, including CM Revanth Reddy, attended a meeting at Medigadda. DG Vigilance Rajivthran delivered a PowerPoint presentation without disclosing the core drilling test results.

With the looming water crisis, the government’s delayed response to repairing the Medigadda Barrage raises questions about its commitment to resolving the issue. The need for swift action becomes increasingly urgent to address the concerns of farmers and safeguard water resources in the region.