CM okays regularisation of encroachments

Keeping his promise made in the Assembly and at the all-party meetings, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has taken the decision to regularise encroachments of government lands in the State and asked the officials to complete the process within 90 days.

At a review meeting held here on Tuesday on the guidelines to be included in the regularisation GO, the Chief Minister instructed the officials to regularise encroachments up to 125 square yards for the purpose of shelter, free of cost in the name of women of families below poverty line. Encroachments for dwellings in land up to 250 SY should be regularised with 50 per cent registration cost, up to 500 SY with 75 per cent cost and above 500 SY with 100 per cent registration cost.

The encroachments for commercial purposes should be regularised with total registration cost, irrespective of the size of land including those occupied by hospitals and educational institutions, he told officials. Empty (vacant) lands without any structures should be, however, resumed by the government for their disposal in auction, he suggested.

However, only land occupied till June 2, 2014 would be given the opportunity for regularisation. The occupants are required to produce proof of their living on the land — ration card, Aadhaar card and voter ID card. Applicants for regularisation would be given 20 days time for applying along with 25 per cent of the decided cost, the Chief Minister suggested.

The Chief Minister said preventing encroachments of government lands and providing title to every piece of land were the main objectives of the regularisation move. He also directed the officials to auction small bits of government lands in districts which were not useful for any purpose to prevent their encroachment.


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Source: The Hindu

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