CM KCR wants people to be serious while voting

Chief Minister MR KCR has urged people not to be complacent while voting in the general elections. He said people believed in Congress leaders, and old bad days would return. There would be a shortage of power and corruption will rise its ugly head once again. He addressed public meetings on the city outskirts on all four corners.

Mr KCR said one could see that the Congress party did in Karnataka. They went back on their promises and they were only giving three hours of power to farmers and industries. He said Congress leaders are openly saying they would remove Dharani service. If it is done, there would be middlemen and corruption again in the revenue department. The farmers had to go round the government offices and grease the palms of employees.

The Congress leaders are also opposing the most popular schemes such as Rythu Bandhu. They want to undo all that good done by the BRS during the past nine and half years. “Do not vote just because somebody said. You discuss what the BRS government did and think about candidates and parties. Who is more committed to people’s welfare,” he said.

CM KCR was successful in giving a clear and short message about the BRS party and its work to the people of Telangana. He could drive his point home and also hint at the anarchy of Congress leaders.

BY Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao