Citizen friendly policing in Telangana, says DG Mahendar Reddy

Social media has been buzzing with pictures and videos of police officers from Telangana going an extra mile to help its citizens. At an interactive workshop in the city, Mahendar Reddy, IPS, Director General of Police, Telangana State has emphasized the importance of friendly policing in the state of Telangana.

Addressing the police officials at the workshop, Mahendar Reddy, said, “Transformation of policing into a citizen-friendly and citizen-centric system across the state through uniform service delivery, is the vision of Telangana Police.”

During the interactive session, the Director-General discussed about improving the quality of living based on expectations of citizens. He mentioned that the citizens expect hassle-free life, consistency, and reliability in delivery of police services, sense of safety and security. He further said that citizens should experience a quick response and timely feedback on the developments of their case.

The DGP enquired about the difficulties being faced by the officers in adopting the above practices and instructed the officials to reiterate the same points in their respective police stations in order to motivate the field staff and achieve the objective of uniform service delivery.

With help of technology, scientific methods, and community engagement, Telangana Police has succeeded in preventing crime. The police department has been successfully implementing crime preventive projects such as Nenu Saitham, Community CCTV, Blue colts, Patrol cars, geo-tagging of cameras, clues team, successful community policing. Officials are effectively working on activities such as Chabutra Mission and regular cordon search to build confidence in the citizens.

Appreciating the efforts of the police department, DGP said, “Telangana Police has succeeded in building confidence among the citizens, investors, visiting tourists and employees.” He congratulated the forces for their efforts in maintaining law and order in the state since its formation.

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