Chilli commands a record price.

As the Chilli season ended and the produce became scarce, one farmer who brought his bag of Chilli got a record price of Rs 90,000 per quintal. One Kancha Ashok of Hybathpalli of Parkal mandal brought a bag of 45 kg Chilli to Enumamula market at Warangal. One Laxmi Sai Trading Company offered him the highest price at the rate of Rs 90,000 per quintal. The farmer stored his produce in cold storage anticipating more price after the season was over.

According to agricultural market officials, the Chilli season ended in April/May. A total of 45,000 bags of Chilli arrived at the market and the produce commanded a highest price of Rs 65,000 per quintal at one time. It may be noted that the chief minister Mr KCR had been batting for alternate crops over traditional and enmasse crops. The farmers should try other methods rather than blindly opting for just one crop like cotton or paddy. They should instead try pulses, oil seed, millets among others that have good commercial value. There was a scarcity for traditional produce, pulses, oilseeds and others.

True to his promise, Mr KCR turned agriculture into a remunerative vocation and this Chilli price is an iota in Ocean.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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