Centre pats Telangana over achievements in agriculture

Telangana state has done extremely well on all parameters in the agricultural sector. The idea of synchronising the farming sector with IT is unique, said Union agriculture ministry joint secretary Yogita Rana. At a meeting held to discuss the monsoon preparedness of the department, she showered praises on the Telangana government for its pioneering initiatives.

From the Telangana state agriculture department, Mr Raghunanadan Rao and his team participated in the meeting. Yogita Rana said the initiatives such as crop banking, crop data management, crop health status and introduction of online license management systems for pesticide management are noteworthy. The officer said Telangana excelled in making available seeds and fertilisers to the farmers. She said the Telangana government should think of supplying seeds to other states in the country.

Mr Raghunandan Rao apprised the officer of the union government that crops were raised to an extent of 1.29 crore acres in 2014-15. It has risen to 2.32 crore acres in 2022-23. The extent of paddy cultivation which was 22.74 lakh acres rose to 64.99 lakh acres. He told the officials that seeds and fertilisers were made available for the farmers. The state government in view of scanty rainfall is coming out with alternative plans. By July 12, crops were raised to an extent of 42.76 lakh acres, Mr Raghunandan Rao said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao