By election blues for Cong & TDP – ‘Advantage Telangana’

The defeat of Congress and TDP parties in the hands of beleagured YSRCP was in the air for peculiar reasons. Yet, the stunning  results of the by elections were a revelation to many. Congress and TDP were virtually stripped. The  Congress is trying to hide their shame behind the figleaf of two wins. While CBN, othewise a shameless alibi finder, was made dumbstruck. Ofcourse, YSRCP’s win can not be said as righteous by any standard. How ever, the antecedents of Congess and TDP, their methods and manners in the campaign against Jagan were not very edifying.

YS Rajasekhar Reddy in his gargantuan political plunder, had doled out largesse to Congress High Command, his son, his cohorts and also public at large. As long as it was serving their purpose, the high command was happy. After YSR’s demise, when Jagan fell out with them, they started acting as primadonnas of virtue, forgetting their history of humongous corruption and their share in the plunder. Their selective use of CBI to subjugate him also was not all that virtuous. It is an open secret that, CBN is the progenitor of the kind of ‘corporate corruption’, unleashed by YSR and amassed huge wealth here and in foreign accounts. He managed to keep similar probes against him at abeyance and also got judgments reserved in some of them  in the courts of law. Yet, he colluded with Congress party and was baying for Jagan’s blood, as the common enemy.

The incompetence of Kiran Kumar Reddy and his PCC President Botsa, has left the administration of the state in shambles. Kiran’s mandate was suppression of Telangana movement and controlling Jagan. Owing to his own stupidity and meddlesome, proxy governance of Sonia and her coterie, Kiran has thuroughly failed on both the counts. The obsession, procrastination and decietful attitudes of both Congress and TDP parties on Telangana; the resultant lack of progress in Seemandhra; scandals like liquor lobby; power and petrol tariff hike etc., have antagonized people of Seemandhra to these two parties. The seemingly vengeful use of CBI before elections, the  imprisonment of Jagan and the sympathy evoked by the campaign of his mother and sister have sealed the fate of Congress and TDP parties. The extra percentage of polling is obviously triggered by Jagan’s imprisonment and his mother’s campaign. All such extra votes went to YSRCP.

The by election in Parkala was a different ball game altogether. TRS was not defending its seat here. The TRS nominee was not a seasoned campaigner. Parakala was in the stranglehold of Surekha and her husband for the last 15 years or more. Surekha with her maverick political style, Murali with his money and muscle and the patronage of both their communities were a formidable entity in the constituency. She was very stubbornly and adroitly using Telangna card all along. They had a cadre and used all the inducements of money, material, gold etc very liberally, which they could easily afford. Vijayamma’s campaign has triggered that extra polling percentage. In Parkala, TRS had to weather all the factors that were favoring YSRCP in Seemandhra. Additionally it had to contend with, the incumbency of  Surekha couple and the division of votes by BJP, Nalini etc., The Congress and TDP were also very  particular to defeat TRS here. Considering this scenario, the win by TRS is very significant and definitely had upheld ‘Telanganavadam,’ magnifiently against all  such odds.

The Congress and TDP party vote share has plummetted to new low in the by elections. 60,00 vote majority for MLA and 2.92 lakh majority for Nellore MP by YSRCP explains it all. The ignominious defeat of Congress honcho Subbiramireddy, silenced him and his cohorts like Kavuri, Rayapati et al, who were inimical to Telangana and were holding high command to ransom in the name of their percieved suzerainity over Andhra congress. Only the political  braggart like Lagadapati Rajgopal is crowing meaningless commentaries now. Telangana movement and Jagan factor have delivered a lethal blow to Congress Party in the state. Yet, The Congress Party, considering their obduracy and intransigence will not yield to the legitmate aspirations of Telangana people immediately. As their wont, they will try to  indulge in all kinds of micro management till 2014; like making a  subservient Telangana leader as CM, proposing a hare-brained scheme like Rayala Telangana to counter the political influence of Jagan or imposition of President’s rule to stiffle the opposition etc., For, the present dispensation of Sonia Gandhi and  her coterie, who are running the country, are not known for their ability to solve the problems of people to gain their goodwill. Even if they consider giving Telangana state, they will be ever ready to barter some part of Telangana to Andhras.

Presently, both Congress and TDP are in doldrums. It is advantage to Telangana. Now, it is upto TJAC and TRS to make use of the situation. In keeping with the idea of using movement and Elections for Telangana state, we have done well in these by elections from 2010. Though our agitations were very strong and  have debilitated Congress and TDP parties, we were not able to force the decision of Telangana state. Because of  the circumstances and the relentless struggle of Telangana people the Congress party is brought down on to its knees in the state. Telangana appears to be their escape route now. Even if they are lying low, nothing less than the fury of four crore telangana people, will make Sonia and her coterie to act. For, they have developed such a political culture in is imperative for us to galvanise our people, as never before, for our final battle, using the success in elections as our spring board.

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