BRS scoring a hattrick in Telangana looks almost certain

The main opposition parties in the state – Congress and BJP fail to measure up to the strategies of CM KCR and struggle to match his energies. In the past nine days, chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao addressed four public meetings in four districts preparing the party cadre for the Assembly elections due in the last quarter of this year. He also reached out to the general public explaining what the BRS party did during the past 10 years and how the Congress and BJP failed the people.

At the Nirmal meeting, Mr KCR explained what his government did to the tribals and urban public. At Nagarkurnol public meeting, he reminded that there were once gruel centres for the hungry but now there are paddy procurement centres everywhere. This was achieved by proper planning and implementation of welfare and development programmes by the BRS party. At the Mancherial meeting, KCR offered a piece of good news to the SSCL employees stating that the government would be disbursing Rs. 700 crore as a bonus for the Dasara festival. He also announced that his government decided to raise the pension for the differently abled by Rs. 1,000 taking the total to Rs. 4,116 per month.

While showcasing the work done by his government, the chief minister ripped apart the opposition parties and exposed their hollow promises. He asserted that nobody can stop his party from coming to power for the third time in Telangana state. He thoroughly rebutted the criticism by Congress leaders on Dharani and explained to the crowds how it benefited the farmers and marginal landholders. He could convince them and secure their support for the Dharani portal. Mr KCR explained the days of hardship under the rule of Congress in the state and BJP at the Centre at present. Both the Congress and BJP lag far behind the BRS in preparation for the ensuing Assembly elections in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao