BRS Party’s promise of fine rice amply benefits the farmers

The ruling BRS party has promised to supply fine rice to the 93 lakh white ration card holders. This will benefit three crore people in the Telangana state. This promise is set to immensely help the farmers in the state. The minimum support rice fine rice per quintal is Rs. 2,060 which fetched about Rs. 2,500 per quintal in market.

However, with the demand for fine rice is on the rise with the government’s promise, it is expected to fetch Rs. 800 more per quintal. The traders and millers from other states are procuring 30 to 40 lakh tonnes of fine rice from Telangana farmers. The state government needs 1.83 lakh tonnes to fulfil its promise to give fine rice through ration shops. It will have to procure about 21 lakh tonnes.

There will be a demand for 70 to 80 lakh tonnes of fine rice now in the state. The farmers sow fine rice during the rainy season. The central government made it clear that it will not procure coarse rice anymore and due to the increase in fine rice, the farmers will now be growing more fine rice. The fine rice price in the open market is Rs. 2,300 to Rs 2,500 but it commanded Rs. 3,000 during peak demand.

Now it is expected to rise further beyond Rs 3,000 per quintal with the BRS party’s promise to supply fine rice through ration shops and also to hostels and schools for children. One promise of CM KCR is resulting in double benefit in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao