BJP is usurping powers of states, CMs KCR, MK Stalin, Vijayan and Mamatha Benarjee.

Strong opposition is brewing across the country against proposed amendments to the IAS (Cadre) Rules 1954 by the BJP led central government.

One after the other – chief ministers of various states expressing their dissent with the proposal. The amendments to the IAS cadre rules envisage giving absolute powers to Central government in transfers and postings of IAS officers. Without the consent of the respective state government, the centre can depute IAS officers from state to central services.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Mr Modi, Telangana chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao strongly opposed the move and said it will only pose threat to cooperative federalism. It was nothing but amending the constitution and trying to control the officers working in the states. It is a unilateral decision being taken with scant regard to the powers of states and eroding the very character of All India Services.

Tamilnadu chief minister Mr M K Stalin in a letter written to the centre asked the BJP government not to dilute the federal spirit of the country. It amounts to nothing but usurping the powers of the state. “It is easy to demolish but very hard to construct a system,” he said adding that the rules in existence for 75 years should not be damaged.

He opined that the centre was taking unilateral decisions without taking the state into consideration. The BJP led centre should consult the states before coming up with such proposals. Implementation of welfare programmes becomes difficult in the absence of a stable IAS cadre.

Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the proposed amendments will only create tension and uncertainty among the IAS. The Centre will disturb the implementation of welfare programmes in states ruled other than one at the centre. “The BJP should not disturb the rules and make IAS officers a pawn in the political game,” Mr Vijayan said.

West Bengal chief minister Ms Mamatha Benarjee echoed similar feelings and said the BJP was damaging the federal spirit of the country with its unilateral decisions on all important issues.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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