Bathukamma Festival Celebrated in San Diego-California, USA

San Diego Telangana NRIs under the banner of “San Diego Telanganites” celebrated the Bathukamma festival with great jubilation and joy at Scripps Pier, La Jolla San Diego. The scenic view of the Scripps Pier and the quietly flowing beach was a perfect setting and it reminded the Telangana villages. It also turned out to be a perfect day – sunny and warm. About 300 people from all over San Diego, Irvine & Los Angeles participated in the celebrations. Women wore traditional and colorful clothes and brought beautifully decorated “Bathukammas”.

As families started arriving, we started the celebrations with telangana cultural music. The program started with the introductions of all the participants. Lunch was served with different Saddulu, five different rice dishes and various authentic Telangana cuisine brought by the participants.

There were multiple beautifully decorated Bathukammas and the traditional ceremony started with the Gowri pooja. Later all the ladies formed a big a circle and went around the Bathukkmmas clapping and singing “Bathukkamma Bathukamma Uyyalo Bangaru Bathukamma Uyyalo”. It was a visual treat to see ladies and girls clad in colorful sarees, stepping around rhythmically right on the Beach. Many felt nostalgic about the whole thing; it brought back their childhood memories. Later Bathukammas were immersed in the Sea.

There were games for the kids and adults including the best Bathukamma competition. Adults and kids played musical chairs. Men’s “musical chairs” was the highlight of the event. Swarna won the best Bathukamma prizes.

This event was organized with the help of many volunteers who actively participated and made this event a big success. “San Diego Telanganites” thanks the organizers of the event Bhupathi, Gopi, Kashappa, Srikanth Meda, Sanjeev Dharujula and Ram.

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