Banish Congress from Telangana: Kodandaram

Warangal: Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman Prof. Kodandaram has called upon the people in Telangana to banish Congress party and its leaders from villages in the region. He tore into Congress leadership for backtracking in resolving the issue of statehood to Telangana region while speaking at ‘Vidyarthi Mahasabha’ organized by Kakatiya University JAC here on Thursday.

He strongly condemned the comments made by Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad who said the decision on Telangana was unlikely to come by January 28 as assured by Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

“The Congress party can survive here only if a decision on according statehood to Telangana is taken on or before January 28, otherwise the party shall cease to exist,” he said.

We will bury it, he added. It was the duty of Congress leaders to fulfill the demand of separate state of Telangana, which the JAC chairman said was the basic right of people in the region and none could force the people in the state to stay together. The Congress leaders should understand that they exist because of the support of the public in the region. If they support the cause of statehood they could survive politically otherwise would perish, he asserted.

He went on to add that the UPA government has violated the constitutional norm of equality of citizens. The government that paid heed to the objections of Seemandhra leaders against Telangana was not giving equal importance to the pro-Telangana appeals, he explained. Kodandaram stated that a handful of capitalists from Seemandhra region were controlling the Central government. “Why can’t the leaders from Telangana influence the centre, in the same way as being done by Seemandhra leaders,” he sought to know. [The Hans India]

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