AP Govt’s Potti Mania Continues

Pic: A circular issued by AP Forest Department to its employees based on AP Govt’s order directing the employees to observe two minute silence on 15th Dec on the occasion of Potti Sreeramulu’s death anniversary.

In spite of proving umpteen number of times, the AP state government and the Seemandhra leadership seems to be hell bent on passing off blatant lies as history.

Telangana people have time and again rejected the deliberate attempt to link Gandhian Potti Sreeramulu fast-unto-death with the formation of Andhra Pradesh.

Read this expose on Potti Sreeramulu’s deeksha by Mission Telangana here: Andhra Leaks Part 5 : Potti’s Letter Reveals Everything

Yesterday, the shameless AP govt has issued a circular ordering two minute silence on December 15th, the death anniversary of Potti Sreeramulu.

Issuing this circular at the height of statehood movement is nothing but rubbing salt into the wounds of Telangana. Several Telangana organizations and employee unions are gearing up for protests against this shameless government order.

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