Andhra Congress! Read the writing on the wall

By: J R Janumpalli

Congress MP and contractor Kavuri Sambashiva Rao had donned the leadership of Samikyandhra (United AP) section of Congress party since 2010 on the premise that majority people did not like division. Now he says in a press talk that there is no leader in Congress, who can take every body with him in the state. He has asked Sonia Gandhi to take a decision on Telangana without delay. His demeanor suggests that he wants his party to take a decision against Telangana state. If not, he threatens of Samaikyandhra agitation again. The incessant Telangana Movement and its poignant events, the by-election results, since 9th December 2009, particularly the results of June 12 th by-elections and the state of administration in the state do not seem to have made any impression on him. He is speaking in the same arrogant vein which he did in the aftermath of sabotaging 9th December statement in the parliament, launching Samaikyandhra skirmishes.

Anyway, what is his position in the party. Except becoming filthy rich through government contracts, and providing money bags to party coffers. He cannot talk sensibly on any political issue. He cannot even read correctly a note written by somebody in the Parliament. But, he oozes arrogance outside the parliament as if he is the overlord of Andhra Congress . The June by elections have shown the real worth of him. Yet, he does not realize the reality. Apparently he seems to think that he is still in 2010 and believes that his money bags will do the job.

If such political morons have the ear of Sonia Gandhi and can air such self opinionated and parochial views to Press, how can Congress party develop leaders to carry everybody with them?. There are several such morons in this tribe of Andhra congress. All of them want their high command to take a decision against Telangna. These guys do not keep faith in democracy and fail to read the writing on the wall.

Lagadapati that halfwit is always up to some nonsense. His bluffs on Telangana were exposed several times. In recent medical seats debate, when his bluff was called by TRS MLA Harish Rao, he had to run away from the debate. Invariably any Telangana debate with him will end in the same circumstances. His political thinking borders on megalomania. This braggart who makes tall claims about himself, could not do anything to stop the debacle of Congress party in the recent by elections. His credibility which was on the nose dive because of his maniacal opposition to Telangana is now dashed to the ground.

Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, another old money bag , who lives on government- corporate-business, does not know anything about political science. He is very frugal in writing or reading anything meaningful. He cannot talk coherently for five minutes on any current affair. Yet, he calls for press conferences at his will and broadcasts broadsides on Telangana. He talks as if he is in the inner echelons of Sonia Gandhi and saying what She has told him. Then he also issues innuendos that Congress high-command is not strong enough to grant separate Telangana state. His usefulness to Congress Party was fully exposed in the recent by elections.

Subbirami Reddy, another political-government-corporate business honcho. Who was looking very tall before the by elections in the eyes of the high-command was dwarfed beyond recognition by a 2 lakh vote defeat. He also knows how to make money by politics but nothing about that can do good by politics. He doles out his ill-gotten money to build a bank of cronies. He has not recovered from the shock of the by-election blow. He is silent now. But he was, the behind the scenes manipulator of SriKrishna Committee Report. This tycoon, instead of helping Congress party he himself had to bite the dust.

There are other characters like TG Venkatesh, a beneficiary of Rosaiah’s donation of land in Hyderabad and other goodies. A ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ character fighting with imaginary political wind mills, blowing hot and blowing cold on Telangana and Rayalaseema.

J C Diwakar Reddy, a heckler of the very concept of Telangana state, now touting Rayala Telangana to save his lands and lucre in Hyderabad. These guys were able to do precious little to stem the rot of Congress party in the by elections.

There are some others like Anam Vivekananda Reddy, Shailajanath et al. They were barking their gibberish against Telangana, like the dogs that bark loud with the herd and the shepherd behind them. They are proved to be mere by-standers in the devastation of Congress party in Andhra by-elections. Their barking has completely stopped now.

The CM Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy and the PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana and the proxy administrator Ghulam Nabi Azad were cooking the politics in the state for some time. Now after this 2012 by elections it has become quite clear how nicely they have ‘cooked the goose’ for Congress party. They have brought their party on to its knees, because of their stupidity.

Sonia Gandhi and her coterie are reaping the crop as they have sown it. They lacked the courage and statesmanship in December 2009 to put their foot firmly down and carry forward their Telangana declaration. They were allowed to be blackmailed by these Andhra political braggarts, who were claiming to be very tall. But, now it is fully made clear how dwarf they are.

In the present marathon struggle the humongous organized exploitation of Telangana by Seemandhra has become crystal clear. The by-elections results in Telangana have expressed this vociferously. In the Andhra by-elections also the ‘Samaikyandhra’ slogan did not fetch any votes to these windbags.

If Sonia allows them to hold her to ransom even now, the Congress Party in the state would be falling prostrate on the ground in 2014. If Sonia wants to regain a modicum of respect and better prospect for Congress, she has to shun these political morons and grant Telangana State without any further delay. She also should read ‘the writing on the wall’.

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