Anarchic and undemocratic politics should end: CM KCR

The chief minister Mr KCR has called for the end of BJP’s undemocratic politics in the country. He said that he had sent the evidence of BJP leaders trying to buy MLAs to topple the Telangana government to all chief justices of High Courts and also Supreme Court and also the chief ministers of all states.

Mr KCR asked how dare a prime Minister resort to such nefarious politics. The BJP leaders go on record stating that they toppled governments in eight states and targeted five states. They are now eyeing Telangana, New Delhi, Rajasthan and other states.

Mr KCR earnestly requested all the political parties also to put an end to BJP to save the country urgently. He said he had been waiting for the Munugode election to be over. He would start his tour and expose the BJP.

What kind of politics BJP adopted in Munugode? The TRS knows well that sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. What happens? Why are BJP leaders spreading false propaganda just for one seat? Why such a venomous campaign,? he sought to know.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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