AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin rips apart the discrepancies in Congress’s white paper

AIMIM leader and senior MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi took the wind out of the Congress party’s sails. Speaking on the white paper on the state’s finances released by the Congress government, Owaisi ripped apart the discrepancies in the report, addressing each point and page.

The senior legislator highlighted the inconsistencies in the figures presented in the white paper. Quoting several examples, Owaisi exposed how the numbers didn’t match even in adjacent tables and pages. The MLA criticized the ruling party for its lack of consistency in approach and pointed out how they selectively used data from RBI, CAG, and budget reports to suit their agenda.

Akbaruddin Owaisi stressed that there was visible progress in various sectors in the state, though the BRS government raised loans. He mentioned that the BRS Party has invested heavily in the state’s development through capital expenditure.

Owaisi’s attention to detail and flawless oratory caught the public’s attention. Such was the impact of his speech that Legislative Affairs Minister Sridhar Babu agreed to correct certain numbers in the document.

The MLA received widespread appreciation for exposing the inconsistencies in the report and flagging various discrepancies.