Adani issue: Is Deputy CM Bhatti indirectly targetting CM Revanth?

It appears that a cold war is brewing between Telangana CM Revanth Reddy and Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka. The Deputy CM’s recent statements indicate that all is not well between the duo. 

Recently, at a party meeting, Bhatti made some serious comments on leading businessmen Ambani and Adani. Bhatti said that we fought for independence not to distribute the nation’s wealth to Ambani or Adani. Though the Deputy CM made his comments targeting crony capitalism in the country, many point out that it was an indirect attack on CM Revanth Reddy. 

The Revanth Reddy government recently rolled out a red carpet to Adani’s investment in Telangana. The Adani issue has stirred a controversy in the state, as the Congress party which claims to be vocal against the Adani group, has welcomed him in the state. 

Even in the recent past, Bhatti passed some comments about Multinational Companies (MNCs), he remarked that MNCs work for their own benefits and not for the public. This statement came right after Revanth visited Davos to attract investments.

Furthermore, in an interview, Bhatti’s wife dropped a bomb by saying that Bhatti should have been the CM and they were dejected by the high command’s decision. All these episodes indicate that the Deputy CM is indirectly targeting the CM by making taunting comments.