Without talent, nobody can survive in politics, Mr KTR

The IT minister Mr KTR said without talent, nobody can survive in politics. Being a relative to a seasoned politician or being rich might help gain entry into politics, but it is hard to survive.
One has to provide his or her might to excel in politics and earn public faith, he said address at a seminar on media in Telangana at Ambedkar Open University.
People even rejected Ms Indira Gandhi when she went wrong with her policies and he was no greater than her. Had he not performed well, the people of Sircilla would have defeated him long ago, he pointed out.
Eulogising the role played by the journalists irrespective of their management during the separate Telangana movement, he said that now values in media are diluted and in the guise of journalism, some are resorting to unreasonable criticism.
The positive or development journalism that was the hallmark once has less space now. When hundreds of sanitation workers toil hard to keep the city clean, they get less space for their work. Similarly, when the city acquires more green cover, it does not find a place on the front page which was unfortunate.
However, the chief minister Mr KCR was aware of the contribution of the journalists to the state and hence he was the first chief minister to constitute a journalist welfare fund. There are about 19,000 accredited journalists in Telangana.
Mr KTR exhorted the journalist to see the positive side of the work of the state government. He wanted the journalists to dig deep into the achievements such as the five revolutions that Telangana state achieved and report about them. Similarly, they should crosscheck whenever there is criticism about the ruling party government rather than blindly reporting about them.
The TRS working president MR KTR said the state government would always support honest and hardworking journalists and look after their welfare without any bias.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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