What makes these Andhras so self-centered?

Through out the history of united Andhra Pradesh, there are no instances of andhras taking up the issues of Telangana people. In this episode of Telangana movement, except a handful of poets and dalit, bahujana activists, other andhra worthies never see any merit in the life and death struggle of Telangana people. They say and believe that the movement is manufactured by KCR and his ilk. They never broach the hundreds of violation of rights of Telangana people and the carnage of ravaging telangana resources, every time every where. It is a taboo for them to discuss on that. If they are forced to come in to the discussion they will simply say that there are no injustices done to Telangana, in fact they say brazenly Telangana is more developed than Seemandhra.

Individually there are good people in them — good friends, sincere and honest persons in the general way. But, when it comes to Andhra – Telangana issue they will go in to the shell and behave like religious fundamentalists. Even the minority number of them who want to speak the truth are afraid of the ‘fatwa’ of their compatriots of the region. In the “Dasha-Disha’ program of HMTV in 2010, in the discussions covering almost all the districts, one could remember only two voices that of Mr.Vijay Kumar in Nellore and Dr.MV Ramana Reddy in Rayalaseema, who categorically stated that Telangana Movement is fully jusified. They were also silenced later. Almost all of them avoid discussing the brass tacks of injustices to Telangana and try to smother it with their patronizing, arrogant and sermonic babble.

In this context, although regrettable to say, some intellectual dishonesty of some of Andhra gentlemen comes to mind. Once Duscharla Satyananarayana, the doyen of Nalgonda’s ‘Jalasadhana Samithi’, in desperation went to Vavilala Gopala Krisnaiah reputed to be ‘Andhra Gandhi’ and requested him to intervene with the state govt. to advise them to give Krishna water to alleviate the problem of ‘flourosis’ in Nalgoda district. Sri Gopala krishnaiah refused to intervene because he felt that it was against the interest of Andhras. Dr. K L Rao virtually stole 3 lakh acres of registered ayacut under Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) left canal and transferred it to Krishna district. For which he was made an MP and a Minister at the center. Sanjay Baru, the former Press secretary of PM, whose great grand father migrated to Hyderabad from Rajahmundry opined that injustices were done to Telangana, yet, Hyderabad should be made an UT. There are any number of such anecdotes about them.

Now about the present fracas of Nagarjuna Sagar Project water and Medical seats. It does not make sense to think that NSP dead storage water has prioity for Krishna delta paddy nurseries over the drinking water of people. Commonsense and tradition says that Krishna delta’s share of water comes from the inflows of this season, after meeting the share of upper riparian NSP, not from the dead storage or the minimum level of last season’s water. However, where was the necessity to release the water so arbitrarily with out taking the stake holders in to confidence. The brawl of arrogant claims of likes of Kodela Siva Prasadh and his ilk makes the self-centeredness of these andhras very clear. Now the speaker, after 56 years of neglect by Andhra govt. went to exmine the woes of fluoride sufferers, in a ‘navtanki yatra’ to divert the attention of Telangana people from NSP water fiasco.

The debacle of denial of additional medical seats to well established medical colleges of Osmania,Gandhi and Kakatiya in Telangana region while giving them to medical colleges in Andhra is the un mistakable exhibition of selfishness of Andhras, which is their sinequanon. The video-debate of Sri Harish Rao TRS leader on a newschannel with the Andhras, exposes their cussed Andhra bias. Lagadapati that ‘pagal’ politician was ‘beaten blue and black’ for his lies and had to run away from the debate. Chalasani that self-tyled ‘andhra-medhavi’ was exposed for his incoherent and hollow arguments. One Dr.Gangadharam who was letting loose his andhra-biased broadsides was quietly shown his place. It was a great debate. Harish Rao upheld magnificently the truth of the matter. It is a must watch video. (

In the mileu, no andhra person expressed any concern for the drinking water of Telangana people. Nor they have said gracefully that Telangana Medical Colleges also should get their increase of seats. For, their unbridled andhra-bias, stifles the good human feelings of grace and broadmind. It would be better for them to eschew this perversion beforelong, for their good.

J R Janumpalli

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