Vigilance raids on private institutes will continue: KCR

Not bowing to the pressure of private college managements, the state government has made it clear that the vigilance raids on private institutions would continue.

The reaffirmation came from none other than chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, who assured private educational institutions that vigilance raids are aimed at eliminating bogus institutes. “All that the government wants is to improve the standards of education in the state and that they (raids) are not against private institutes,’’ he said.

Speaking to the representatives of private educational institutes at Dr Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute here on Tuesday, Rao made it clear the vigilance raids on private institutions will continue. However, he said institutes would be given time to rectify irregularities that were found during inspection and that no immediate action would be taken.

“Our aim is not to close down private institutes. We are very well aware about the role of private institutions in providing quality education in the state and we know that partnership with these institutes is inevitable. All that we want is to identify institutes that are running without students and close them down,” Rao said.

He advised the institutes to introduce courses that would fetch jobs for students and said that it doesn’t make any sense for scores of students to study similar courses when there are no enough job opportunities.

The CM also assured the private institutes that he would look into their other demands such as exempting from paying property tax and placing them under general power tariff.

He asked the private institutes to have an in-depth discussion and suggest necessary changes for improvement of educational standards in the country.

Apart from CM, deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari, MP B Vinod Kumar, MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy and others were present at the meeting.

It may be recalled that the private educational institutions JAC was formed in April to protest against vigilance raids by the government and that police can’t enter their premises. They have also withdrawn their support to the state to conduct exams, which eventually led to the postponement of Eamcet and TET examinations.

However, the government stuck to its guns and carried out the raids and conducted examinations in government institutions.

Eventually, the private institutes withdrew their strike and said they have no problem with the raids as the chief minister has assured that no immediate action would be taken against them.

They also said that KCR promised to clear the reimbursement dues from the government and promised to pay them once in two months.

Source: The New Indian Express

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