Vanajeevi synonym for afforestation

‘Vanajeevi’ Ramaiah, as he is widely known for his invaluable contribution to expanding tree cover – particularly bio-diesel plants – hails from Reddypally village in Khammam rural mandal of Telangana State. He is estimated to have planted more than one crore saplings, including shady trees such as neem, and biodiesel plants like ganuga (pongamia) in Khammam and other parts of the district. The Hindu photographer K. Ramesh Babu captures his activities.

70-year-old Vanajeevi Ramaiah and his wife Janamma plant a spalling as part of their mission Áfforestation’in the Reddypalle village of Khammam district of Telangana.
70-year-old selfless Vanajeevi Ramaiah of Reddypalle village in Khammam district of Telangana showing how the globe should look with a green cover resembling an umbrella in future. This is part of his mission Áfforestation’.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah showing logo of his campaign in Reddypalle village.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah ties a placard to his wife’s neck depicting the importance of planting sapplings.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah showing a black granite on which he engraved messages on the importance of planting saplings.
The 70-year-old environmentalist painting on waste material to spread the message of afforestation.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah believes that printing the message on importance of planting saplings on currency notes can take the campaign to a new level.
Water used for daily bath should not go waste and can be re-directed to help plants grow. His collection of un-attended medals and mementoes for his meritorious work are more than symbolic of his untiring efforts for afforestation.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah of Reddypalle village in Khammam District shows the catchy slogans on his house to popularise his Mission Áfforestation’.
This long stretch of green cover on the road to Reddypalle village is the result of the untiring efforts of Vanajeevi Ramaiah.
Vanajeevi Ramaiah, takes a break from his long, daily routine of popularising the concept of afforestation in Reddypalle.

Source: The Hindu

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