UP migrant workers in awe of Telangana schemes

Telangana model of development and welfare is gradually gaining national-level attention. Natives of other states are speaking highly of the schemes implemented by CM KCR in Telangana state.

A group of migrant farm workers who came from Uttar Pradesh (UP) to work in Telangana’s paddy fields were impressed by the schemes for Telangana farmers. Praising pro-farmer initiatives such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Beema, 24-hour free power to farmers, etc., they lamented at lack of such schemes in UP.

The group hailing from Pilibhit district observed that though they have worked in states such as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh but haven’t seen schemes implemented in Telangana anywhere.

The workers are happy as they receive a daily wage of Rs. 600 in Telangana against Rs. 350 in UP. They felt that people here are amicable and the weather is pleasant. 

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