UK-based food vlogger makes ‘Sarvapindi’ on Telangana Formation Day, video goes viral

‘Sarvapindi’ is one of the authentic Telangana dishes and this mouth-watering delicacy is a hot favourite for many Telanganites. But, this Telangana Formation Day, the food has gone global. A popular UK-based chef and vlogger named Jake Dryan made ‘Sarvapindi’ wishing the people of the state on ‘Telangana Day’.

Dryan made a video on how to prepare ‘Sarvapindi’ and posted it on his Instagram handle. In the 36-second long Instagram reel, the food vlogger explained in detail the process of making the popular Telangana snack including the ingredients used. Many netizens drooled over the food item and the viral video has garnered around half a million views in just 18 hours receiving around 33,000 likes.

Reacting to the video, many people from Telangana and other states too expressed their happiness and thanked Dryan for making a video on Telangana-special ‘Sarvapindi’