TV9 “Bullet News” Offending Remarks in English

We at Mission Telangana attempted to translate the offending remarks of TV9 Bullet News program, for the benefit of those who cannot understand Telugu.

Here is the loose translation:

“What would happen if you screen a Hollywood movie in a multiplex to someone who is habituated to watching old movies on touring theatre? Sample this! 

As our leaders saw the State Assembly for the first time from so close a distance, they got perplexed as to what expression befits the occasion – ecstasy, bafflement or horror!

Not just their body language, they became laughing stock even at the oath-taking ceremony!

Let’s go to the Assembly to watch and enjoy the first day first show!

Our Telangana MLAs story is similar to those sour toddy consumers who are offered best foreign brand liquor!

People voted them to power and gave a ‘short-cut entry’ into the Assembly, but the leaders scared them with their very first performance at the oath-taking ceremony!

Not straight out of their beds – thank God for that – but fumbled even to read from a paper when asked to take oath.

And on top of it, Laptops were given to such incompetents!

What will a loincloth-clad person do when offered with a Laptop? Where will he tuck it? Wonder if they shove it inside their loin or sell it somewhere! But the T-MLAs took them with both hands just as a drunkard would crave for spicy pickle!    

MLAs were put to severe hardships and confusion gripped them big time once they entered the Assembly wondering where to sit and how, which way to take for wash-rooms, whether to use papers given as tissues, how to switch-off the ACs etc.!   

And a few others – as soon as they stepped inside the Assembly – stared blankly as if they were sent into the space . 

Not their cup of tea. Need time to get habituated to this!”  

By: Madhav

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